Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just a little information

YAY! So exciting. Our Colorado agency that we used for our adoption with Joshua, Colorado Adoption Center, has a website that you can check out! We LOVED every part of our journey with this agency. Our case workers were absolutely there for us and are still very much apart of our lives. I hate when I hear stories of families that had NIGHTMARISH experiences with any agency, but so excited to be able to share another option with families wanting to walk down the adoption road.

Its not an easy road...at.all. Its hard...and emotional...but honestly, WHAT PREGNANCY ISN'T!? I've been pregnant 3 times and let me tell you, with all due respect, our paper pregnancy with Josh was by far the hardest. Not because of stretch marks I received as a physical attribute of growing a precious child in my womb or the weight roller coster, but emotional and mental stretch marks that built my faith and grew my heart, instead of my body. There is nothing more intimate than walking through an adoption with your family. I'm not talking about extended family, but rather the immediate family that grieves to hold the child you know God has in mind for your family. Our older children have loved Joshua from the moment we began talking about him and only grew stronger the moment we walked in the door and introduced Josh to them as they anxiously bounced around in ecstasy, eager to see his precious face in person. They KNEW Josh was apart of our family and loved him unconditionally. I might also add that my daughters, who are 8 and 7, have come to the conclusion that I'm incompetent as a parent since I'm CONSTANTLY having to remind them that I am capable of handling the baby on my own... and he actually needs to be set down so he can learn to crawl and eventually walk. Since they find this preposterous, I'm hoping he actually learns to crawl BEFORE he's 3.

At any rate, I absolutely wanted to get the word out there that CAC's website it up and ready to view!!! We would recommend them EVERY time to ANYONE looking to adopt. They are HONEST and CARE ABOUT THEIR FAMILIES AND BIRTH MOMS. We plan on using them again with our next adoption...I pray that God makes your paths straight and gives you wisdom as you seek His will. May God bless you as you embrace adoption!!!!!!! (you can click on 'Colorado Adoption Center' for their direct link!)

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