Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Few Favorite Recipes

Hello, my name is Robyn and I'm gluten free. :) Always makes me think of the typical AA meeting that you see on TV or something. Anyway, after 4 years of being gluten free, I have learned the do's and don'ts that work for me and my body. I always improvise with my favorite flour (Arrowhead Mill's All purpose Flour) since it seems to be the easiest to substitute. I also enjoy the texture after using it.

The latest that we just made was Skinny Baked Broccoli Macaroni & Cheese. It was AWESOME. I will give you the recipe I followed but put my substitutes in a different color.

*375, Casserole Dish, Bake 15-20 min
12 Oz  elbow noodles (quinoa elbow noodles)
2 tbsp  Butter
1/4 C   flour (Arrowhead Mill's All purpose)
1/4 C   minced onions (1/2 C copped green     
2 C      Skim Milk (organic Vit.D whole milk)
1 C      Chicken broth
2 C      Cheddar cheese
Salt & Pepper to taste
12 Oz  cut broccoli (1 pre-cut frozen bag)
1/8 C   Parmesan cheese

Cook pasta (al dente) and broccoli. Combine.
Melt Butter in Skillet and add onion and cook low heat for 2 min
Add flour and cook another minute until flour is golden
Add milk and chicken brother and whisk. Raise heat to medium to boil and cook 5 minutes until sauce is thick and smooth. Salt and pepper
Once sauce is thick, remove from heat and stir in cheese and mix until cheese is melted.
Add pasta and broccoli and mix well
Pour in dish and top with Parmesan
Bake uncovered.
*Rob and I both agreed that if you wanted to add chicken to this dish it'd be really good too. We plan on adding chicken cubes to this next time and adding a little bit more salt. 

Enchilada Pie

*375, Casserole dish, Bake 45 minutes
2-3 Cans refried beans
2-3 Cans diced tomatoes (I use the Italian herb kind)
1    Can corn, drained
1    Packet taco seasoning
lots of Cheddar cheese
12   corn tortillas, smaller
Sour cream

Mix together beans, tomatoes, corn, and taco seasoning.
layer tortillas, beans, cheese. End with Cheese. 
I like a lot of cheese so I always do a pretty thick layer. 
Cover with foil and bake. Take off foil after 30min and stick back in for 15 min to crisp up the top layer of cheese. 
I usually use a 13x9 glass pan and will use 2 cans of tomatoes and 3 cans of refried beans. Its all personal taste...I like it more firm and cheesey...you can't really screw it up. 


I do everything EXACTLY the same as any normal lasagna recipe except that I use brown rice lasagna noodles and add more cheese.


I again, do everything EXACTLY the same except that I use Quinoa noodles and mix my meat and noodles all together to serve as a team instead of individually.

*More recipes to come. I went a little crazy on Pinterest and have several more new meal ideas to try out. If they are a family hit I will post them here with original recipes and my substitutions for Gluten Free options.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Keep Your Eyes Open- NeedToBreathe (with lyrics)

I am so into this song. I just had to share it! ENJOY!

I'm Getting Organized!

Sooooo...as most of you can tell I'm addicted to Pinterest. I admit it. I can say that I have a problem and am currently looking for an AA for Pinteresters. BUT! I will also say that it has helped me tremendously. Since I have 4 kids under 8, homeschool, and live in a house we grew out of the minute I became pregnant with child #3, being organized and making space in a squishy home is ESSENTIAL. Its the only way to survive basically. I've become very good at utilizing small spaces and creating room where there clearly is NOT. I'd consider myself a pro at making it work since thats my only option at the moment! LOL

The other night one of my best friends challenges me..."Wanna do the 31 days to an Organized Home with me? Its on pinterest!" My first thought was...yes! Then I thought...wait, no...because that requires me to actually face my inner hoarder square on and deal with her. She scares me. I try to avoid her because she makes such convincing arguments like 'Don't throw that away because you might need that later.' Well the thing is that I believed her last time and I haven't touched that particular saved item in over a year. Alright fine! I completely forgot where it was and even why I had it in the first place! Thats sad to me...but I'm also forced to question myself and ask...okay why do you still have that and more importantly...WHAT IS IT!? If I can't answer that question with solid answers then its time to pitch it. Let me tell you, ITS SO HARD! Then I'm convicted that I have SO much crap that I don't even know I have it and I'm not even using it! That my dear friends is called SELFISHNESS...oh and hoarding. Let me also clarify though...if its seasonal stuff like Christmas/Fall/Spring whatever kind of decor that is one thing. I'm talking about that box of mugs that you feel bad donating because Aunt Marie gave them to you and even though you'd never have time to use them because you have 700 other mugs, you don't want to throw them out because what if she comes over and looks for a mug and notices that the ones she gave you are absent? She hasn't been to your house yet and probably won't... so again...why aren't you tossing that box? Oh yeah, my case in point: You have an inner hoarder too. *patting the seat next to me* You can sit next to me, we are in the same boat and need to face 'her.' Don't be scared, she's a bossy hoarder and you can tell her no. :)

And now it begins! Starting Monday I'm gonna take this 31 day challenge and see how it goes! I don't think there is any home organized so perfectly that this wouldn't be a good website to check out. (actually that is a lie, Rob's Grandma Sue is the exception to this declaration) I will be posting every couple of days to let you know my progress. I'm excited and a little nervous...who knows what I'm gonna find! LOL

Monday, September 3, 2012

Oh crap, what to make for dinner?

Yep, that is pretty much my thought EVERY DAY...

I have 4 small children...and one of those is an infant that isn't really into the whole 'lets sit by myself and play so mom can get stuff done'...especially when it comes to making DINNER. Let me just spell it out so there is no confusion (as if that were a possibility anyway): DINNER IS MY NEMESIS. I have NEVER enjoyed cooking (except desserts) and when I have a deadline that has to be met EVERY day its like a death march as the evening approaches and I dread having to come up with something nutritious and delightful for my family's taste buds. WOW, nothing like a little pressure...oooorrrr A LOT. UGH. OH and add to the fun, my husband's schedule changes according to if its a month when he's on night shift or on days and then those times depend on the shift he got...so its a question of: okay is Rob going to be home at 6pm? 7pm? or is Rob going to have to get up at 3 and leave at 430pm? or 530pm? It makes it so much more fun in the guessing game of gee, when shall I commence with the dinner torture hour? LOL sorry, perhaps I should also work on a new attitude...but that will have to come later.

I will also point out that we shop for an entire month. I should have many menus printed up and easily accessible, but I don't. The ones that I do find are covered in drawings and the culprits shall remain anonymous even though they have incorrectly spelled their names on said menus. And the grocery lists as well...but those look like I feel after having survived a shopping trip to Walmart with all the children. Hey, its always an adventure...and sometimes I think even Bear Grylls couldn't survive one of our Walmart shopping trips. Notice he's always going to places like the Amazon, or deep into the Everglades, tempting the natural elements of the wild unknown. UHM...come to Walmart with me and my 4 children as we go deep into the wild unknown of Walmart to shop for an entire months worth of groceries on a Saturday. Then we'll talk survival. 

If this is something you also have come up against I have great news! As I was avoiding dinner plans (shocker) and happily engaged in my world of Pinterest and DIY projects...suddenly an angel of mercy pinned this AMAZING BLOG. Surely the Lord also loves Pinterest because why else would He allow such a wonderful thing to exist? My thoughts exactly...SO! Back to this blog... its called Eat At Home Cooks (click to experience immediate joy)  and I have been crying tears of joy as I can click on the handy and oh so convenient 'print this recipe' icon and BAM! I have a new meal!!!! SERIOUSLY!? And get this...its a crockpot with only 4 recipe items!? THANK YOU JESUS!!!!! Uhm you may think that I'm being extremely sarcastic, but I'm NOT. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I appreciate blogs like this with it laid out for me so I can start regrowing my hair in the patches where it was previously torn out. While many of you may already have a system down, it may be nice to just check out this blog if you are in a meal rut. This blog has changed my attitude for sure and I'm super excited to try out some of these recipes!

Hope it helps you out as well!!!