Saturday, July 23, 2011


When I was born my mom said she picked my name because she was laying in the hospital and saw a big robin outside her window and decided that was the name for me. I was teased mercilessly throughout school. "Robinhood', 'Robin-redbeast', 'Rockin Robin' all became very familiar and annoying names. I remember sitting in Mrs.Glover's first grade class while hearing a book about birds during circle time and some dumb little boy turned around and said I had a red breast. Ugh...but once in high school my last name (Fyock; f-eye-ock) became more of the irritation. I will just let you use your imagination there. was great. Anyway. This spring we noticed that we had a TON of birds in our back yard. We have cotton less cottonwoods that have vertically taken off and I recently heard a neighbor refer to our back yard as the 'tree farm.' Either way we have one cottonwood that's right by our deck and while pulling weeds I saw something catch my eye and realized there was a robin making a nest. I was SO excited. I LOVE spring. Its my favorite season because you can literally watch as God brings forth new color and life. And it was a great way for my kids to see life tangibly in nature first hand. I spoke to my kids about how we had to leave the mama robin alone to make her nest or she would abandon her nest and we wouldn't get to see any babies or eggs. I tried to stress(and threaten) how important it was NOT to touch her nest as well. Within a week our robin laid eggs. I only saw 3 to begin with. I thought this was absolutely amazing.

Coincidentally during this particular time I was still struggling with God's timing and calling. Since Rob was the one that had heard the adoption calling first, I still was struggling from time to time with where we were in our process. I remember asking specifically many times, "Lord, are you sure this is what you have for our family? Are you certain that I'm capable of such a task? Sometimes I'm not sure that I can really handle the 3 that I already have!?" God speaks to me in really different ways. I think He enjoys confirming his plans for us, especially when He seems silent and we have all of our blocks up in the air without knowing what we are really supposed to be doing. On this particular day I happened to go outside and just check on our mama robin. My heart leaped out of my chest when I saw 4 beautiful blue eggs.
I heard God say,
"Yes, you are exactly where you need to be." I had one beautiful egg for EACH of my beloved children.

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