Friday, July 29, 2011

The Promises of the Father

I'm happy to say that we have literally sent in our LAST piece of paperwork...Its soon as that sucker is logged in at CFS we are officially ready to be shown to birth moms! Yes, we were told that we would be able to be shown in certain situations, but now we are officially set and ready to go. I'm so excited. I know I have said it a few times before, but I want to tell everyone of you who have been praying for us through this journey HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE YOU. Rob and I couldn't have done it without your prayer support.

I have felt encouraged by some women in my life that definitely spoke life into my heart recently. Even though our adoption process has been very smooth (considering some of the absolute horror stories I've heard) its still a trust struggle. In my humanness I could have confirmation after confirmation from the Lord and STILL I am weak. Right now in the midst of complete happiness with the paperwork, the trusting struggle still remains in regard to financial provision. How are we going to do this? How can we raise that much? Will it come in time? Will we have enough? The answer is all my questions. The Lord NEVER leads us somewhere He won't absolutely equip us for. I thought about it like this: say you send one of your kids to the store because you need milk. This child has the ability to go; they can drive or walk. They know what store you want them to go to. But this child doesn't have money to go buy the milk with. As a parent, would you expect this child to pay for something that you sent them to go get by themselves when they have no money to buy it?

I was pondering all those things in my heart while in the midst of rushing all over town and realizing we were late to gymnastics. Whoops...*sigh* so typical of it just the luck of the draw that I would genetically receive the 'ALWAYS LATE' gene? Apparently so. So as I walk in and see the beautiful chaos of the last day of the girls gymnastic session (Under the Sea party theme) I'm filled with a wonderful sense of peace. Not just the, 'phew! I made it' kind of peace...a God filling my heart and spirit kind of peace. The girls long time gymnastics coach, Hillery walked up to me and said, "hey Mama! Listen, I have a word for you...God's going to blow your mind. You aren't going to have to worry about the finances of this adoption...He's going to cover EVERY SINGLE CENT." Wow...Okay then! He saw my very anxious heart and wanted to wrap His ever capable arms around me and remind me of one certain and absolute truth:

I love you and I have all of this under MY control. Not yours, Robyn. Rely on me and remember my promise to YOU; I will take care of all your needs (Philippians 4:19).

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