Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You Make Beautiful Things

I was completely overwhelmed with the Love of our Father, Jesus Christ with this song, Beautiful Things by The Michael Gungor Band. God absolutely makes something beautiful out of pain. How can I say that? Well because we've all experienced pain in many many ways. Emotional, spiritual, physical, mental...each are devastating and seem unbearable. We cry out to God asking, begging, DEMANDING: WHY!? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?? (or NOT happening??)This can't possibly be your way of doing things, Lord...why must things be so hurtful...seemingly unbearable? However, in the midst of our tears and brokenness God reaches down and shows us not only grace, He makes something beautiful out of what seems shattered. He picks us up and wraps His ever capable arms around us, whispering,
"I LOVE YOU. I created you. I KNOW YOU. I see your heart...I feel your pain as real as my own. Don't you see my love? Don't you know that I had to allow pain in your life so that you could see your very great need for Me? Like a silversmith working out all the precious silver's spots and  imperfections, so I am making you pure and spotless. I need you to find your legitimacy in ME...not in your work, not in your kids, not in your success, not in all the earthly things that hold your heart captive...ME. I am the One who died for you, to save you from an eternity of darkness. I am the One who will make you WHOLE AGAIN. Trust in Me and be still and know that I haven't forgotten you, I'll NEVER leave you and NOTHING you do can EVER seperate YOU from My Love. (Romans 8:38-39) I make ALL things Beautiful, Beloved."

Check it out! Its AWESOME!

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