Saturday, August 27, 2011

My BIG Boy!!!

Well, so I had to suck it up and admit to myself that my youngest baby is old enough to be in high school...LOL I mean preschool. Alright, he just has an attitude like a high schooler. We decided at the last minute to put Dunc into Sheperd of the Hills Preschool. I really like this school. The girls went 2 years ago and LOVED it. Its our first time with Mrs.Schott and Duncan LOVES her. (I do too!!!)He gets to attend his school every Tuesday and Thursday. In fact, my darling son (NOTE the sarcasm) loves school so much that I got the 'wave.' Moms of boys, you know what I'm talking about. This DID NOT happen with my girls. EVER. So Duncan began preschool last Tuesday. He was SO excited. Look at these priceless pictures...see how he beams? Its FINALLY HIS TURN to go to 'his' school. This whole summer, every time we happened to drive by it, there was a frantic voice from the back seat, "Mom!!!! Look!!!! Deres my skool!" Okay so anyway...he walks in and hangs up his back pack and casually walks over to the table of boys who are busy doing something with blocks. "Hey dude..." "Whats up Dude..." Uhm, did I miss something? Since when is 'dude' something Duncan says as a greeting?? And these boys all respond as though they've known each other for years. LOL!!!! Wow...okay so I wave to him and motion, as I pucker up, for him to come give me a kiss good-bye. Never in a million years would I assume that this was abnormal. CLEARLY I WAS WRONG! Duncan looked at me in a way that said that I was embarrassing him by remaining in the doorway and held his hand up near his chest in a half wave and says,"Bye Mom."
WHAT!?!?! Again...I motion for him to come to me and he again half waves from his spot (NOT MOVING from his group of 'dudes') and says, "BYE MOM." I looked incredulously at Mrs.Schott and she is trying so hard not to laugh..."Duncan, I think you need to come give your mom a hug...she needs one!" He reluctantly left his dudes to hug his mother, as an act of total obedience because I was NOT feelin the love! HA HA!!!! Wow, so it begins already. I just wasn't ready for it!!!

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