Monday, September 3, 2012

Oh crap, what to make for dinner?

Yep, that is pretty much my thought EVERY DAY...

I have 4 small children...and one of those is an infant that isn't really into the whole 'lets sit by myself and play so mom can get stuff done'...especially when it comes to making DINNER. Let me just spell it out so there is no confusion (as if that were a possibility anyway): DINNER IS MY NEMESIS. I have NEVER enjoyed cooking (except desserts) and when I have a deadline that has to be met EVERY day its like a death march as the evening approaches and I dread having to come up with something nutritious and delightful for my family's taste buds. WOW, nothing like a little pressure...oooorrrr A LOT. UGH. OH and add to the fun, my husband's schedule changes according to if its a month when he's on night shift or on days and then those times depend on the shift he its a question of: okay is Rob going to be home at 6pm? 7pm? or is Rob going to have to get up at 3 and leave at 430pm? or 530pm? It makes it so much more fun in the guessing game of gee, when shall I commence with the dinner torture hour? LOL sorry, perhaps I should also work on a new attitude...but that will have to come later.

I will also point out that we shop for an entire month. I should have many menus printed up and easily accessible, but I don't. The ones that I do find are covered in drawings and the culprits shall remain anonymous even though they have incorrectly spelled their names on said menus. And the grocery lists as well...but those look like I feel after having survived a shopping trip to Walmart with all the children. Hey, its always an adventure...and sometimes I think even Bear Grylls couldn't survive one of our Walmart shopping trips. Notice he's always going to places like the Amazon, or deep into the Everglades, tempting the natural elements of the wild unknown. UHM...come to Walmart with me and my 4 children as we go deep into the wild unknown of Walmart to shop for an entire months worth of groceries on a Saturday. Then we'll talk survival. 

If this is something you also have come up against I have great news! As I was avoiding dinner plans (shocker) and happily engaged in my world of Pinterest and DIY projects...suddenly an angel of mercy pinned this AMAZING BLOG. Surely the Lord also loves Pinterest because why else would He allow such a wonderful thing to exist? My thoughts exactly...SO! Back to this blog... its called Eat At Home Cooks (click to experience immediate joy)  and I have been crying tears of joy as I can click on the handy and oh so convenient 'print this recipe' icon and BAM! I have a new meal!!!! SERIOUSLY!? And get this...its a crockpot with only 4 recipe items!? THANK YOU JESUS!!!!! Uhm you may think that I'm being extremely sarcastic, but I'm NOT. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I appreciate blogs like this with it laid out for me so I can start regrowing my hair in the patches where it was previously torn out. While many of you may already have a system down, it may be nice to just check out this blog if you are in a meal rut. This blog has changed my attitude for sure and I'm super excited to try out some of these recipes!

Hope it helps you out as well!!!

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