Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spooky Nonsense

Time always seems to get away from me. I'm not sure if its the 4 kids thing, or the forgetfulness thing, but either way I go in blog spurts. Its this idea that 'oh I'll do that later' and later is usually defined as no particular day at all until I feel guilty that I haven't posted pictures of the children in awhile.

Rob is a ND spokesperson. LOL
And I'm suddenly very aware that the end of the year is rapidly approaching and cannot believe that Halloween is already done and gone. Jeepers...

This year my children chose at the very last possible moment what they wanted to be for Halloween. I must clarify that we don't go trick or treating any longer because of personal reasons. Each year I struggle with participating in a 'holiday' that celebrates things I absolutely do not believe in. But I also don't want to somehow 'cheat' my kids out of having fun and dressing up and getting gobs of candy. So, we settled on the Fall Festival that a local church puts on. I can support dressing up and fun and candy as long as its in a safe environment and my children aren't out in the dark (and usually FREEZING weather) getting scared too death by grown men who enjoy scaring the pee out of poor little kids. Bounce houses and face painting and limited gobs of candy is more my idea of fun.

We also don't allow our kids to be anything that is contrary to our beliefs. I absolutely will not allow witches, ghosts, goblins, or zombie anything simply because I don't agree with it FOR MY KIDS. I think my friend's kids are hilarious and usually very cute. I want my kids to be original and creative...with that said... we had:
 The infamous Olympian and gold medalist Missy Franklin, the ever so beautiful and talented Angelina Ballerina (mouse), a seriously dangerous EXO S.W.A.T warrior, and an ADORABLE Florida Gator. (AAAWWWWEEEEE!?!?!?!)

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