Friday, November 16, 2012

Sewing Gratification

I, like most humans on earth, enjoy INSTANT GRATIFICATION. Instant text messaging. Instant internet access. Instant messaging...even the soon to be archaic EMAIL! LOL I'm sometimes baffled by the realization that my children have never lived in a world WITHOUT cell phones! Jeepers, I remember talking to my childhood best friend who lived in California and we lived in Colorado and how I was only allowed to talk 25 minutes because is was too expensive for long distance! I even remember when my parents got our first CORDLESS phone!!!! And watching movies like Pretty Woman and the monster of a cordless he was using...even the first cell phone that Richard used...and it was a sign of his incredible wealth. hahahaha how hilarious now that 10 year olds are walking around with cell phones. What a pendulum swing! Okay so way off track like usual...

This is Logan's new blankie. 
The last few years I've noticed that with each child I have less and less time doing what I want. I think back to my college days and wonder what the heck I was doing with all the free time I had? Makes my brain explode. When my girls were born I had the privilege of my mother inlaw's amazing seamstress abilities. She made many things and even helped me learn to sew. I had watched my own mother make things throughout my youth, but it wasn't anything that interested me.  When the girls were very small I bought my first sewing machine on Craigslist. It didn't last as long as I had hoped and while I learned a lot, I also learned that the newer sewing machines were A LOT easier to use! SO I bought a new Brother and have been LOVING it ever since. SO EASY TO USE. Over this last year I've had many cheerleaders in regards to my latest sewing hobby, including my husband's grandmother, who is also an amazing seamstress. It wasn't until I began making blankets that I realized how much time and effort was put into these handmade gifts! I LOVED getting hand made things from family members throughout the years for my babies...I also realized that I enjoyed getting these things because the person making them had put in so much thought and time and love into these gifts. Because of this realization I began making baby blankets for my dear friends and now family. I even made all 3 of my brothers a comforter or blanket for Christmas one year. Its my INSTANT gratification. I can put all my creativity to work and 'love' the recipient in my own way. Its kinda of a cheaters gift because I get to do something I like! ;) Anyway, I'm thinking about breaking out and actually selling some of my pieces. 
it all begins with colors requested, an animal, and and idea in my head

I have begun to make a blanket set: a crib blanket and a carseat blanket (24inx24in) that matches.
Why a carseat blanket? Because my kids all had their special blankets and dragging around the huge, blasted things was gross and inconvenient, so I made a smaller version of the first so that its not that much a difference and I've never found the stores doing this.

I make my own appliques from free clipart that I find online...that makes my blankets unique and personal for the recipient.

had to figure out how to anchor the backing to the front of the blanket so it doesn't become a balloon Elephant feet!

my sweet Giraffe friend

I even tried my hand at making a scarf! It worked out awesome... I really enjoyed myself and its super warm according to the new owner! I LOVE sewing. I love being able to put something PERSONAL and meaningful into my blankets and homemade gifts. I've been asked where I find time to do these blankets...honestly...I have no idea. I did learn that I can make one pretty fast if I find out I only have about 4 hours to make one!!!! LOL I hope that each of you, and the others not shown yet, have enjoyed the blankets I've made and prayed over! I can't wait to post more pix. Several more sets to come. I welcome questions!

(Eiffle Tower is 24inx13in)
(here is one of my earliest creations! Mom asked for hot pink, zebra, and Paris...this is what I came up with...and YES it was a TOTAL challenge. LOL) I even made a cribskirt to match, but those seem to be a bit of a hassle...but something I enjoyed nonetheless

this is Emmi's Elephant. Her mommy didn't ask for any colors and I loved this Elephant so much I felt Emmi needed an Ellie ;)

This is Joshua's Moose. Our agency director made a joke saying that Josh was a 'Colorado Moose' because he is such a big baby. SO I looked for a cute moose and found a bunch of pieces from other blankets that I've made and put this together. This carseat blanket NEVER leaves the car. The antlers are made out of blue corduroy and his body is a flannel. I love textures and think babies enjoy looking at all the different colors and feels! (sorry its upside down)

Thanks for looking!!

(UPDATED 12.05.12)
Meet Clyde!

As promised, I have another set that I recently made for a friend's silent auction! So yes, this monkey set is for sale and all proceeds go to adoption costs! (SOLD!!!)


  1. Love your creations! You are talented for sure =)

  2. Thanks Randee!!!! I appreciate the feedback for sure!