Thursday, November 15, 2012

I thought the Rocky Mountains were gonna be a little bit rockier than this...?

Oh yeah? Thats because its WYOMING. LOL

Thats right...WY to the O...and all sorts of really great times. This last summer the girls scored an entire week to Camp Bethel. This is a youth camp that my younger brothers and I all experienced before graduating high school and devoured every moment. In fact, my younger brothers both ended up becoming camp counselors for this organization. IT IS AWESOME. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! I even met one of my dearest friends at Winterama when I was a senior in high school. So many fantastic memories. Anyway...the girls had a BLAST. I'm glad it will become a traditional summer thing...I enjoyed the week off!!! ;)

It was a little rough to say goodbye to the girls for the week, but we headed back down to Buffalo with a lot of fun things to do with the boys and the Rouses. The first thing Rob and I enjoyed was some much needed couples time. With dramamine on board I was able to endure Rob's need to drive like he was on the autobahn...
Rob and I coming back from dropping the girls off at Camp Bethel. We needed to do the touristy pix thing. LOL

I could not stop laughing. Josh wasn't sure about this at first either...
The next day we decided to introduce the Rouse's to a different spot so near and dear to my heart: Meadowlark Lake. But first a hike up to the lookout.
but now he's happy to get the show on the road!

she's not very affectionate...LOL

And they are OFF!!!!

a little hike up the mountain side

The top!

Meadowlark Lake

Joshua and the Bighorns Finally meet.

yes, Rob is still wearing the baby

Josh LOVED the hike!!!! He was squealing and laughing the whole time. I, of course, was giggling the whole way up because watching Rob pack the baby like this was HILARIOUS.

Now for a dip in the lake. Let me point out that even though its July and SCORCHING hot down in Buffalo, the lake is not warm. In fact, ITS FREEZING! And since its Wyoming, it shouldn't come as any surprise when I say its windy. You can see its blowing by the choppy water. Did that stop our children? UHM, NO. LOL!!! They went right in! I believe Sandy and I were both saying as they ran for the water that we probably should have brought proper swimming attire. Didn't happen. The baby was happily tucked away, playing nicely in the WARM RV.

The boys got out of the water teeth chattering, purple lips, and just in undies until their clothes dried!!! LOL!!! They had so much fun, but we heard our fair share of whining.

Swimming Lesson #246: Have proper swimming attire.
Swimming Lesson #247: The water should probably be warmer than 50*
Swimming with your best buddy in the mountains?
I admit, I have spent most of the last 10 years LOATHING Buffalo, WY. After the Rouse's moved up there and actually bought the house my parents (and my brothers and I) built in 1998, it has changed my opinion...okay fine, my heart totally changed. Suddenly I was sitting in what used to be our old living room, looking out at the magnificent view of the Big Horn Mountains, and felt God peel back the  memories that continued to leave a sour taste in my mouth. I was able to see why my parents fell in love with this area and this place. I even found myself loving it as well.


  1. You love it here and want to move back. Just admit it. =)

  2. I admit...we actually did have a property that we were pursuing!!! It looks like we are waiting on information to determine if we'll continue pursuing it or not. ;)