Wednesday, February 13, 2013

House Full of Fences

YIKES...thats all...just YIKES. LOL!!! Joshua learned in the last 2 weeks, literally, that he doesn't have to squawk to call his personal valets in order to travel about the house. As an army crawling maniac, Josh discovered he can get some place a lot faster and exactly where he wants to go. I think because Duncan was 4 1/2 when Josh came home I had forgotten about baby gates and busy bodies into EVERYTHING. Joshua is just this type of boy...he is into it all! It makes me laugh at the onset of these discovery moments, but am soon frustrated because he's not a quiet baby to just move on to the next thing. No way...he's letting me know LOUD AND CLEAR that he's slightly irritated that the cupboard door is not cooperating with his particular desire. Or I don't hear him for a few seconds, only to realize that he's a fast little thing, and find him halfway up our staircase! Yeah, its slightly frightening to say the very least. I have 3 older tattletales who are more than happy to assist the climb or scare the crap out of me by screaming that 'Joshua is on the stairs' as though he's been badly mauled and bleeding out.

 He's a VERY busy boy. I was silly enough to think that I really wanted him to be mobile. Well, now he is and I'm not sure what to do! 

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