Monday, February 11, 2013

A Year of FIRSTS

This year has been a whirlwind! Its the first time we've ever adopted and if this was the standard to base all our experience on, it was AMAZING. (We cannot wait to begin our next adoption process.) Joshua is absolutely the apple of our eye; he charms every soul he encounters. There is a reason that God puts the lonely in families and Lord knows, we would be vastly different without this precious boy.

Look who is ONE! 

This boy knows how to enjoy a cupcake!!

Sugar Coma setting in.

meeting my son was indescribable
I'm still sorta in awe that a year can go by so quickly. I was talking with Rob on January 6th, saying how we had NO idea that God was about to reshape our ENTIRE world. Joshua Connor was born on January 6, 2012 in a completely different state, but absolutely born of my heart. (Joshua's story, the day we got the call!) I still stop at times and think, good grief, how does one NOT see how amazing God is? I know that there are many stories that end in heartache, but I honestly believe that when God calls you into adoption, that it is for His Glory. And our story is one such as this: God's Glory.



Daddy loves...while Nafe goes in for the hand!

Nafe is gonna try the sneak attack approach. Just kidding, she's just gonna go for it and damn the consequences! LOL!!!

My favorite picture EVER. My son's face and his grandpa's face just warms me to my core. PURE JOY

Grandpa is one of Joshua's favorite people.
Joshua gets up close with Ming. Ming is anti-child.
 I LOVE our story. I love how it dips and sways. I love how we have become our OWN family. Its not dependent on anyone or anything else. 
We are:
and most of all,

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