Monday, October 31, 2011

Wait...I thought it was only Fall??

Rob going out at 130am to try to save some of our branches

this is only a few inches of snow, but layered on ICE

As many heard around the States, Northern Colorado was POUNDED with heavy, WET snow.
We were right in the middle of that. I never really thought about how proud of my trees I was until we laid in bed and listened to the sound of branches cracking and falling to the ground. I was cringing at the view I'd have in the morning. Rob went out and tried to dust off the trees, but to no is the whole scenario as it began raining at 630pm and began snowing right around midnight...

looking out to the backyard

this is the Elm out our front porch...still standing tall

We had been told that we'd get somewhere around 4-8 inches by morning...well...that was true, we did get fact we got 13 by morning...

Gus is NOT excited about this...he forgets that he is a dog.
As you can poor cottonwoods are not only UNHAPPY...they are suddenly NAKED. The trampoline isn't too happy either since its buried right in the middle of another Elm and 2 cottonwoods. This snow was so heavy in fact, that it left an entire town north of us without power for 48 hours.
RIDICULOUS. We sit in a very interesting part of the country though. Either Denver gets POUNDED with snow and we get NOTHING...or we get hit like this and get it all!

 The kids LOVE this kind of weather...I guess I don't mind it so much as long as its not muddy...
However...we'll move to the front and you can see the digression of my poor Elm out front...
I'm fairly certain my Elm will live...its looking abit sad right now, but in the spring it should branch out. We'll just have to see I suppose.
Rob's car was blocked in so here is the temporary fix...with a machete.
As I write this blog post Rob is working on his 4th trip to drop off the fallen branches. Its been a mess. And to top it all off on this Halloweenie morning, we are expected to get another 'few' inches on Wednesday...
I'm beginning to wonder...will I have ANY trees in the spring?? ;) Here's hoping!!!!

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