Thursday, May 12, 2016

I Hate Fold Out Doors

Yep, I'm not going to lie. I REALLY HATE fold out doors. Closet doors should be easy to keep shut and these atrocities seem to be open constantly. Especially when it's your pantry doors. I love my kitchen. LOVE IT. However, the doors on my pantry made me crazy because they seemed to beckon my children to them..."sneak food here, little children, and make lots of messes" (insert creepy, whispery voice). See? Now you can agree with me, these had to go. What's funny to me is that I hate these white doors, yet pursued a white kitchen. I even painted the doors to try and boost my kitchen appeal which was only met with sadness and the feeling of failure. But hey, it was a nice try. And yes, I do know that the sign 'Kitchen' is off centered. Character, people. LOL. So, because my parents were staying with us for a short time while they purchased their land in Wyoming, they got to help me redo these wretched doors. Like many of my ideas, my dad and husband were very resistant. However, because I usually get what I want, I struck fear in both of them using my FAVORITE word phrase, "Alright, no problem. I'll just do it myself." Not sure why, but this usually ignites action. Huh. Anyhoo, here it is.

This was the attempt at doing a helpful color splash with notsogreat results. Then, because I LOVE bead board and wanted to have a balanced look in my kitchen, I told my dad I wanted to put it on top of the fold out doors. He looked at me like I was crazy and sighed, knowing that unless he proves to me that it won't work, I'll continue to haggle him about it. (Wait, this cannot be where my children get it!? GASP!?) So we went ahead, bought the extra panel of bead board, and went about adhering it to the top of the doors. Guess What!? IT WORKED! Liquid nails and some finishing nails around the exterior secured those panels really well. The doors are heavy. I didn't want them just hanging open, so we bought the stronger magnetic cabinet door latches and put one on each door and added a door stop on the top of the frame to catch the doors and latch them closed. I know that the barn door style is in and I had originally wanted the doors to slide. Big problems there. I have zero room for them to slide without hitting a fridge or going past the wall and having a child run into the door and rip the door off the wall and whatever else could happen there. LOL you know exactly what I'm saying there. We got hinges and attached the doors this way and because I ran into the same astronomical pricing for barn door handles, I had to find a different option. Home Depot had decorative garage door handles...$12 for the pair!? YES, THANK YOU!? Otherwise I was on my beloved amazon, only to find that the cheapest 8" handles were around $36 for ONE handle...again, choke, cough, sputter. Even if I had the money to do that, I still wouldn't. Decorative Garage Door handles it is! Thanks, Home Depot!?

So you can see again the difference the Primer looks next to the Shoji White. Still amazes me. There yah have it. My pantry door make over. 

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